Ince Roadshow

Ince Roadshow is a virtual platform for the dissemination of presentations and documents for deals and investor roadshows. The platform enables you to screen live or pre-recorded videos linked to a virtual data room where participants can access salient information and documents simultaneously. The solution’s log-in functionality ensures a controlled environment for the distribution of sensitive material. With the internet enabling an unprecedentedly high level accessibility, Ince Roadshow is a digital solution that ensures you stay connected to your investors wherever they maybe in the world.

Ince Roadshow summary

Use of the platform is for deal & investor Roadshows, where access is needed to be controlled and the material is of a sensitive nature to be monitored.  Accessible locally and internationally where a live or pre-recorded video will be linked to the InceLink Virtual Data Room.  Pre-Recorded video’s allow for editing to be made.


  • Fast roadshow activation
  • Cost effectiveness & time saving.
  • Incelink VDR technology ensures documents are safe and secure.
  • Activity tracking through login details.
  • Accessible to a greater reach of investors.