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InceLink is a virtual data room solution for the management of complex deals and projects. With a modern, intuitive design that runs on all major browsers, InceLink offers a full basket of solutions designed for the optimization of your workflow. Whether you’re sharing secure business information to board members, managing the complex documentation behind financing your business, sharing detailed reports to investors, or looking for a central platform to store capital-raising financial material, InceLink serves your needs.

InceLink’s simple-to-use interface means everything runs in-browser and sets up easily in ten minutes or less. The platform’s security is optimised through the permissions and workspaces features which means you know who can or cannot view a document. Unlike with competitors who charge based on the amount of documents uploaded or downloaded, InceLink charges one flat rate for a seamless solution to your virtual data room needs.


Ince has been the market leader for almost a decade in providing virtual data room solutions

We have facilitated over 1100 VDRs in that time, with over 200 of those in 2014 alone

This, combined with 40 years experience in Corporate Action Communications, and a 90% market share in this industry, sets Ince apart

Introducing InceLink

  • Ince’s experience
  • No Plugins
  • Local Support
  • Local Currency
  • Room turnaround and setup

Incelink vs. Legacy data rooms


No hidden costs, stay up to date with your room’s usage

Compatible with all platforms

Digital rights management

Faster room creation

No plugins, means no IT department callouts





Detailed Analytics



Robust permissions


Past users