Sharing an honest story of value creation

Using Nedbank’s new brand identity, we worked with them to develop an entirely new look and feel for the designs within their full suite of annual reports.

At the same time, our team of advisors and content strategists worked with Nedbank to ensure that their integrated reporting initiatives worked to deepen their stakeholder relationships by providing a strategy to communicate their integrated story of value creation more effectively.

Using iEdit, we were able to facilitate a smooth work process using one input document to create multiple outputs in both print and digital formats for Nedbank’s interim and annual financial results.


  • Interim and Annual Results
  • Financial Ads (Eng/Afr)
  • SENS
  • Analyst Booklet & Presentation
  • Group AFS and Limited AFS
  • iEdit
  • Integrated Report (print and Web PDF) with its Supplementary Reports:
    • Transformation Report (setting and printing)
    • Remuneration Report
    • GRI Index
    • Sustainability Report
    • King III/IV Report
    • 10 year Review Report
    • Governance & Ethics Report